A full


Your time at Exchange Court should be spent doing what’s important to you. 

So our team offers a full range of services, leaving you to focus on building your business.

Getting you parked up

We can offer a 50% discount on parking at Pall Mall - just head over to Cotton Exchange reception to validate your ticket. Alternatively, you can park at Rumford Street car park which is just a two minute walk from Exchange Court.

Taking care of your mail

Each morning the post is delivered directly to your suite by the local postman. For any outgoing post, you can either pop over to the post office in the India Building on Water Street, or drop it off at Cotton Exchange reception and our team will post it for you.

Welcoming your visitors

At Exchange Court there's an intercom at the main doors of the building. All your visitors will need to do is select your company on the intercom and you’ll receive an alert to let you know they’ve arrived. Or, if you’d like to direct your visitors to Cotton Exchange, we’ll get them seated, grab them a drink and call to let you know they’re here.

Quick fixes and making changes

If you spot something that needs to be fixed either in your space or a shared area, just let any of our team know.

If you’d like to make changes to your suite, have a chat with Paul Thompson and he'll arrange for one of our Development team members to get in touch.