Q:....I have an appointment and can’t open the shop today. What do I do?

A:.....14 days written notice both ways (as laid out your licence agreement)

Q:....It’s not working out. How do I end my licence agreement?

A:.....14 days written notice both ways (as laid out your licence agreement)

A:.....Works both ways - we can issue you with 14 days notice too

Q:....I want to make some drastic changes to my unit. Can I?

A:.....Always make sure you speak to the Hatch team before embarking on

.........any work to your unit. We’ll be able to tell you whether it’s okay or not.

Q:....I want to grow my business. What support can Hatch give me?

A:.....Our onsite team are all experienced in working with independent traders

like yourself, if you have a question - try us out. We’ll help you if we can - or point you in the right direction.

A:.....We've started to work with Enterprise Nation, with the aim of supporting our

customers to seek advice to grow and scale-up. We want to offer a partnership that can support our customers, enabling them to network, collaborate and grow with all of the fantastic opportunities a well-respected partner like Enterprise Nation offers. Since launching in 2005, the Enterprise Nation team has helped thousands of people start and grow their businesses.

Led by founder Emma Jones MBE, they continue to be the most active UK small business community and a leading campaigning voice for small business. Joining Enterprise Nation connects business with resources, community and connections that businesses need to reach their business goals.

A:.....Enterprise Nation membership usually costs £99 but we'd like to offer you a

free membership for 12 months if you're interested - just speak to Kaylee. https://www.enterprisenation.com/partners/brunwtood-members/

Q:....What is “turnover rent”, and why do the F&B traders pay it?

A:.....F&B traders have a weekly base rent, and pay a 15% turnover rent each month.

This is calculated from your card payments. When we organise an event at Hatch, our guests spend at your businesses. By having a turnover rent, Hatch makes some money from the event too.

A:.....We want your businesses to succeed; and by having a turnover rent system

this means that we not only share your successes, but we share when things aren’t going too well. We can see how your business is performing - and keep