Our marketing campaigns are essential in spreading the word about Hatch.

We want to shout about the amazing products you're selling and the thriving community we're growing, all with the aim of driving footfall.

Our campaign since Hatch launched has been focused around #FORTHECURIOUS. If you can incorporate this hashtag across all the content you share, you will be supporting driving traffic to the campaign and in turn footfall to Hatch.

All of our current retailers and traders are on our website, Have a peek at the site and if you'd like any changes for your business please contact Danny in the marketing team at:

The type of marketing activity we're undertaking as part of this campaign is:

  • PR announcements of new operators/retailers/events
  • Flyposters/flyers
  • Unpaid and paid social media
  • Influencer marketing through social media, events and PR
  • Offers and competitions to Vita buildings and their students
  • Partnerships

Please tag us in content you share on your own channels to make it as easy as possible for us to see and share (where suitable) from the Hatch channels.

Please follow @hatchmcr on Instagram and Facebook and @hatch_mcr on Twitter.