Bruntwood Collectiv

The Bruntwood Collective is your exclusive online gateway that enables you to connect and collaborate with the community within your building and up to 50,000 customers across the entire Bruntwood group.

Join the Community

By signing up, you’ll be able to meet a network of innovative and interesting people, seek opportunities to support you and your business, explore events taking place across all our regions and get access to experiences and competitions across the north and the midlands

Meet - People

Expand your network by starting a conversation with people from all types of businesses and backgrounds. You never know where your new connections could take you.

Seek - Opportunities

You won’t have to look far to find businesses and people who will be interested in your work and keen to collaborate. The help and support you need to grow and succeed could be just around the corner.

Explore - Events

There’s a world of opportunity right outside your workspace and it’s ready to be explored. Join a creative workshop, learn a new skill, or build your network to help grow your business. Go and see what’s happening in your city and beyond.

Thrive - Together

Download the app on iOS and Android stores by searching ‘Bruntwood’, or visiting