A full


Your time at St Hugh's should be spent doing what’s important to you. 

So our team offers a full range of services, leaving you to focus on building your business.

Getting you parked up

If you don't have an allocated parking space at St Hugh's, the surrounding area offers some on street parking. There's also a private car park at the back of the building, which is charged at £4 per day. Bear in mind that they only take cash!

Taking care of your mail

Royal Mail delivers all mail to the main reception in the morning. We don't have an outgoing post collection at St Hugh's, but there's a postbox on University Road (about a five minute walk away). The nearest post office is Walton Church on County Road.

Welcoming your visitors

Everyone who walks through the door is welcomed by our friendly staff. We'll work with you to understand what you'd like our team to do when they greet your guests and where you'd like us to direct them. Our team can give you a call to let you know that your guest is waiting for you in reception or we can help them to find their way to your suite.

Quick fixes and making changes

If you spot something that needs to be fixed either in your space or a shared area, just let any of our team know.

If you’d like to make changes to your suite, have a chat with Carolyn Wight and she'll arrange for one of our Development team members to get in touch.