A creative urban village in the heart of the city's Innovation District.

We're so excited you've decided to join us at Hatch meaning you're now neighbours with over 30 of the most exciting and creative independent businesses in the country. Exciting right! At Hatch we champion you, with an incubation model designed to help your business to ‘hatch’, grow and scale.

Hatch is part of a new neighbourhood, Circle Square, and the first step in providing a major boost to the Oxford Road Corridor community.


Hatch is owned and operated by Bruntwood.

This summer, Hatch expanded from 2,840 sq ft to 11,840 sq ft and from 8 to 35 repurposed shipping containers, occupying space which was previously a derelict car park. Flexible and affordable licenses mean new ventures launch regularly, giving visitors a fresh experience every time. A curated live music and events programme makes Hatch a fixture for the night time economy too.

With over 30,000 Instagram followers and 61,000 monthly visitors in July, Hatch is a must-visit destination and we're well chuffed you're joining us!