A full


Your time at Dalton House should be spent doing what’s important to you. 

So our team offers a full range of services, leaving you to focus on building your business.

Getting you parked up

The area around Dalton House offers plenty of on-street parking for customers who don't have an allocated space.

Taking care of your mail

The post is delivered to Dalton House in the mornings and is brought directly to your suite by the local postman. For all outgoing post, you can either arrange your own collection with Royal Mail, or take your letters and parcels to the post office in The Square shopping centre. It's open until 5.30pm and is around a ten minute walk away.

Welcoming your visitors

As there's no on-site team at Dalton House, visitor entry is via a bell system at the main doors. All your visitors will need to do is select your company at the door, and you’ll receive an alert to let you know someone’s arrived. It’s then up to you to let them into the building, or meet them at the doors.

Quick fixes and making changes

If you spot something that needs to be fixed either in your space or a shared area, just let any of our team know.

If you’d like to make changes to your suite, have a chat with Dana Howes and she'll arrange for one of our Development team members to get in touch.