Safe spaces to work in

Throughout all of our buildings we have adopted social distancing. You'll see that from the minute you walk in the door right across our commual areas.

We've developed one way systems where we can and signposted safe routes around the building to help customers to keep a minimum of 2m distance from each other.

Meeting rooms

We have tempoarily closed off our meeting rooms to limit larger gatherings and to help keep social distancing practises in place.

Business lounge

Many of our lounges are temporarily closed but where we've needed to keep them open for customers to use we've significantly reduced the seating available and remove some of the coffee points to reduce people congregrating.


We want to encourage people to avoid public tranport so we still want to have showers available. We will be increasing the cleaning of these spaces and applying social distancing to vanity areas.

Lift areas

For those who prefer a more energetic commute, we provide a bike shed so that there's somewhere secure and dry to leave your bike while you work. Space is limited, so have a chat with the reception team if you’d like to make use of this facility.